Zero Net Energy Living


UC Davis West Village Student Housing & Apartments

Located on UC Davis land adjacent to the core campus, UC Davis West Village Student Apartments in Davis, California is a dynamic mixed-use community where students, faculty and staff can live locally and participate fully in the campus life. Are you searching for Davis community housing? The 130-acre neighborhood reinvents the idea of campus community by providing students and faculty with a great place to live, work, learn and play—all with a level of environmental responsiveness never before implemented at this scale.

Our community of UC Davis West Village rentals in Davis, California is the largest Zero Net Energy development of its kind in the nation. By employing revolutionary energy efficiency measures and meeting energy demands through on-site solar power generation, this residential community of West Village Davis apartments essentially eliminates its energy footprint for a net zero energy impact. Contact us today for more information on Davis apartments for rent and UC Davis student housing!