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    2nd Friday ArtAbout In Davis

    February 28, 2018

    woman appreciate art work in davis

    As a largely student community, you might think that the residents in many a Davis apartment would be unimpressed by something as folksy as a self-guided artwalk through the area’s downtown, but you might also be wrong on that assumption.

    The 2nd Friday ArtAbout in Downtown Davis is an interesting town event that attracts visitors across all swaths of life, even the student population, as it’s a great time to get out and check out not only some wonderful original work, but enjoy in many other festivities as well. What can you expect when you head downtown to see the sights? Read on, as we go over what the ArtAbout is all about.

    What Is The 2nd Friday ArtAbout?

    As the name suggests, this event takes place on the second Friday of every month, inviting residents of Davis to explore “art installations and receptions at galleries, art co-ops, and businesses in Davis.” As a free, self-guided affair, it offers plenty of leeway on how you choose to go at it, and there’s plenty to go at beyond scoping out the artworks.

    Attendees can enjoy “activities, live music, complimentary wine and refreshments, and opportunities to converse with featured artists,” adding complexity to these events and a chance to glean some knowledge directly from practitioners of the various crafts on display. It’s an opportunity for discovery, exploration, and to fill that desire to see the creative in its full glory.

    Just what does one of these self guided walks look like? For some more insight, we can turn to this guide map, which shows a list of establishments that participate by opening their doors and offering receptions at various times in the evening. Here, the works of the artists are displayed, and visitors to the event can walk at their leisure, viewing works and interacting with the artists and other guests. Let’s take a look at some of the businesses on the list to get a better idea of the environment, shall we?

    The Artery

    First up on the list is The Artery. This artists’ cooperative is the locus for all things locally made in Davis, with a range of medium on display like candles, ceramics, glass, photography, and the like. Founded in 1974, it has been their mission since inception to “provide public access to high quality artisan made work,” which is crafted by some 70 members who belong to their group.

    Speaking of those members, they are, as you might expect, a friendly and creative bunch, with talents that run the gamut of creative expression. You can check the full list of names and their specialties here, but to gain a full understanding of how awesome their work is, the gallery space is the place to go:

    “Group and solo exhibitions in the adjoining gallery give participating artists a chance to grow and experiment with new ideas, keeping their work fresh and exciting. Exhibitions and store displays change every month Since 1990 The Artery has also sponsored the California Clay Competition, a prestigious statewide-juried exhibition held each spring.”

    During the 2nd Friday ArtAbouts, you’ll have a chance to chat with these dedicated crafts masters, learning their techniques, their perspectives on art, and perhaps even buying a gift or two to give to a friend or display back at home.


    Can the goods in a thrift store be considered artsy? When it comes to Bohème’s unique collection of clothing and gifts, the answer is, decidedly, yes. While there won’t be art in the traditional sense on display here, Bohème embodies the spirit of ArtAbout’s emphasis on creativity:

    “Boheme Used Clothing started in summer of 2012 by Dawn Donahue to fill a much-needed void of the buy/sell/trade used clothing concept in her vibrant college town of Davis, California. With no other businesses offering this concept (and a life-long used clothing shopper), she decided to create her own fun, very affordable (most items $2-$12), handpicked, barely worn women's and men's clothing (and gifts).”

    True entreprenuership in a highly unorthodox fashion. Ideas like this one are what help drive a community’s culture, and Bohème has been tireless on that front since their inception. Since being purchased by Yelena Ivashchenko, they’ve taken on the idea of “recycling life leftovers” a concept which adds to the “ever-changing inventory” you’ll see on display. For the ArtAbout, they hold a reception from 5PM to 8PM, with wine and snacks available.

    Fretted Strings

    For some musical diversion during the ArtAbout, you can dip into Fretted Strings, a Lutherie School & full service guitar shop. Here, they make the goods by hand, and can repair instruments with superior craftsmanship. They can even teach you how to make your own. Founded in 1988, they have a rich history and font of stringed instrument knowledge, courtesy of owner Harrison Phipps:

    “Harrison has a wealth of knowledge in both instrument construction and fretted instrument repair. He has built classical, steel-string, and electric guitars, ukuleles, and basses. And while he specializes in guitar repair, Harrison has conducted repairs on countless types other instruments: mandolins, banjos, ukuleles, basses, violins, mandolas, lutes, harps, charangos, and others.”

    For ArtAbouts, they have performers, like the Ron Goldberg Quartet, put on a special show. It’s a stunning display of talent that encompasses a range of styles and instruments, so those who are fans of music will not want to miss out.

    Logos Books

    These “friends of the Davis Public Library” specialise in one thing: used books. They have an expansive collection that continues to grow with each passing year:

    “The Friends receives thousands and thousands of book donations each year, selling them at six book sales (every other month, first weekend of the month). Some of those donations will head downtown to be sold, while the rest will be retained for the library book sales.”

    As such, their inventory is always changing, and there’s a chance you can come across some rare titles while you peruse the premises. For ArtAbouts, they hold a reception from 6PM-8PM, complete with tunes and plenty of books to make the evening cozy.

    With A Davis Apartment, ArtAbouts Become A Way Of Life

    Especially when you’re located at fine student communities like West Village, which make getting where you want to go in Davis a cinch. Combined with floorplans that give students the space they need and amenities that make college life more luxurious than ever before, this is one place that should be near the top of your list for student apartments without question.