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    Awesome Gifts These Holidays

    November 30, 2017

    holiday gift wrapped in red with ribbon west village davis

    Hardly anyone wants to be the one giving out subpar gifts around the holidays. If you’re not gift savvy, though, it’s all too easy to pick out a few worthless baubles, an ill-advised sweater, or some other not-so-awesome gift choice that won’t have the intended effect this Christmas. In a similar vein, you might play things too close to the vest, make what you think are “safe” gift choices that, in the end, wind up being boring and uninspired. How to avoid this conundrum? Well, for students, anyways, we implore you to take a brief respite from researching UC Davis housing costs to read on. This guide will fill you up with some inspiration on finding those “awesome” gifts that will make a great impression on your friends and loved ones this holiday season. Who knows, you might even find a few items to add to your own wishlist.

    Finding The Right Gift

    Believe it or not, the particulars behind what makes a gift good are something that have been thought of and written about at length. Without going too far into all the details, The Washington Post published a piece, The Economics Of What Makes A Christmas Gift Good, that provides some insights courtesy of Lewis Hyde, author of The Gift: Imagination and the Erotic Life of Property. Here’s one bit of wisdom that sticks out:

    “A true gift is one that can’t be demanded: it must be given. This begs some questions about practices of telling members of a certain social group just exactly whom they are buying for, and how much they should spend. On the other hand, it emphasizes something rather rich in the anonymous giving that happens when Kris Kringles or Secret Santas are at work. When the point is not how much is spent but the spirit in which the giving is done, the gift becomes quite powerful.”

    So, with that in mind, we can conclude that it’s not how much you spend on the gift that is going to propel it into the classification of good. It’s not even about getting someone exactly what they demanded for on their wishlist. Instead, you’ve got to use your intimate knowledge of the individual you are purchasing a gift for, combined with some insight about what they might find “awesome,” and present it in a manner that is sincere and meaningful.

    Now, which options might fit the bill? The shopping choices are near-limitless, but we’ve scoped out a few things that have been making a buzz this holiday season that will hopefully provide you with the spark of inspiration you need to think deeper about what would work for the people on your list.

    One combination that’s hard to go wrong with is a combination of cool and functional. Let’s say you have a person you’re buying for who does a lot of driving. They have to use their GPS frequently to get around and you know they’ve been having difficulty with using their phone to navigate. You could just get a phone mount for their vehicle, which, admittedly would be quite useful. It’s not particularly awe-inspiring, though. To add the cool factor into the mix, you could instead seek a different alternative, like a heads-up display unit. This device mimics a display seen in jets, allowing users to view their driving directions without taking their eyes off the road:

    “The device reduces dangerous distractions by displaying key information, such as a car’s speed and navigation directions, directly in the driver’s line of sight. Some systems project information onto the windshield, while others project it on a separate screen.”

    You might argue that a mount could do the same thing, but would it do it in such a stylish manner? Would the functionality be the same (HUDs usually include additional connectivity, voice commands, etc.)? Would the reaction you get from the recipient be nearly as strong? This example provides a clear cut blueprint for how to go the extra mile in getting the right gift: identify the want/need, then exceed it, blowing your recipient’s expectations out of the water with something they might not have anticipated (but will love even more).

    Here are some more cool ideas that fit the bill:

    3-Player Chess Board

    That board-game fanatic in your life who’s tried it all might want to up the ante by trying their chess skills against not one, but two or more skilled opponents simultaneously. A three (or even four) player chess board would fit the bill perfectly. They come in different varieties, but snag one of those heavy wooden ones, and you’ll be sending a message that you know how they think and that you want them to play with the highest quality to boot.

    Dothraki Language Book

    You’ve probably got that one person in your life that loves Game Of Thrones a bit too much. Instead of dissauding them from their hobby, indulge it with a comprehensive Dothraki Language Course Book. Sure, you might have to endure them trying out all the new words and phrases they’ve learned on you, but seeing their eyes light up when you perfectly guessed their obsession and gave them a new outlet of expression will be well worth it.

    Corn Dog Maker

    From what we’ve been told, college students love corn dogs. If you’ve got a mate who enjoys this finer staple of modest university living, why not grant them the ability to make their own? A corn dog maker is an inexpensive choice that gets a lot of bang for your buck when you present it to that one friend who just can’t get enough of these things.

    Camera Drone

    The drone market has taken off, and you’ve likely got some associates who love the idea of flying the things, are super into aerial photography/videography, and don’t yet have a device of their own to play with. Swoop in and save Christmas by presenting them with a camera drone, then delight as they start taking amazing 4K video of their travel adventures, sporting events, or whatever else catches their fancy.

    The Way UC Davis Housing Costs, You’ll Be Able To Swing The Right Gift

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