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    Best Coffee Spots in Davis

    April 17, 2019

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    Imagine, you’re kicking back in the Viridian apartments when all of a sudden, it hits you — the overwhelming urge for a piping hot cup of coffee. Not the bargain basement roast you’ve got stashed away in the closet, either; you’re after a freshly-brewed, professionally-crafted helping of the good stuff. Where do you go? Thankfully, in Davis, there are more than enough great cafes to go around, and today, we’ll be introducing you to some of the best in town.
    3rd & U Cafe

    Over on 3rd Street, near the Central Davis Park, you’ll find this combination cafe and restaurant in the spot once occupied by the legendary Cafe Roma. They serve up great coffee and great food in equal measure, but we’ll start with the main topic of discussion, those wonderful coffee blends they serve up daily.

    The selection here runs the gamut — from your basic cup of regular joe to the fancier caramel macchiatos and delicious ice blends. The coffee here is widely considered above average, with prices that are more than reasonable for the amount you get. In addition to the pretty good coffee, though, 3rd & U Cafe also has plenty of options for cold drinks, delicious food, and their other specialty: cheap beer fresh off the tap.

    Mishka’s Cafe

    Mishka’s is a proverbial “OG” on the Davis scene, having been created by UC Davis grad student Sinisa Novakovic all the way back in 1995, and named after one of his cherished cats. He founded the establishment with the hopes of creating a meeting place for the community that resembled the old world feel of cafes in Europe, and on that front, he seems to have succeeded, offering up some of the best coffee in town in a cozy environment that the whole town can enjoy.

    Part of the philosophy that makes Mishka’s great is their emphasis on great ingredients. Mishka’s has been serving up their coffee with organic, fair trade beans since their inception, showing their dedication to offering a pesticide-free product and respecting those that grow the ingredients they use to run their business. Roasting those beans in house makes them that much more flavorful, and the cappuccinos and espressos here are among the best you’ll taste in Davis.

    Beyond the coffee, though, you’ll note that Mishka’s also serves plenty of great pastries and confections, and thanks to the pleasing music selection and in-house Wi-Fi, it’s a great place to hang out and get some work done too, if you’re interested.

    Common Grounds

    Common Grounds on Cowell Boulevard has been a staple of the community for over 15 years. Like its namesake, you might find the look of this establishment a bit generic, at first glance, but come in and have a drink, and you’ll find the coffee is anything but ordinary. That’s probably part of the reason Common Grounds stays busy, and their brews are in high demand, and the chilled-out vibe makes for a great place to set up shop, enjoy your coffee, and get some work done while you do.

    Like a good coffee spot should, common grounds has more than their fair share of delectable edibles, like eatables including macaroons, madeleines, brownies, and truffles — a supply that they source from City Baking Company and that’s brought in fresh every single day.

    Delta of Venus

    Established all the way back in 1993, Delta of Venus knows the food and coffee game inside an out. They’ve got the formula locked down for great blends, and a food menu that caters to all diets, be you vegan, vegetarian, or down to eat everything under the sun. It’s about more than the food and drinks at this location, though, as Delta of Venus is famed for both their great menu and their great atmosphere.

    Indoors, it’s calm and cozy — a great place for kicking back and letting the time roll by. This indoor environment is further enhanced by their emphasis on allowing live music within the establishment. This offers even more of a reason for friends to meet up at this cafe/pub for a great time, and if that wasn’t enough, they’ve also go an outdoor patio area — perfect for socialization or just enjoy the day with your coffee in hand.


    Though the emphasis at Konditorei is on their delicious pastries first and foremost, that doesn’t stop them from brewing up a fine cup of coffee. The various roasts are of superlative quality, and if you’d prefer an espresso or cappuccino, they can accommodate you as well. All in all, you’ll get the feel of an authentic Austrian shop when you step foot past those doors, perhaps because their founder, Alber Kutternig, was born and raised in Klagenfurt, Austria.

    Kutternig trained for years, honing his craft at the art of baking, and you’ll see that skill reflected in each an every pastry you purchase to pair with that warm cup of coffee. It’s a good mix of sweets, and washing it all down with a delicious coffee is always a treat.

    Posh Bagel

    Well-known for their, well, posh bagels, this establishment is also capable of serving up a rather expansive menu of hot drinks too, which include the house coffee, hot chocolate, caramel macchiatos, lattes, mochas, and the like. Whether you’re pairing that coffee up with a sandwich, bagel, or delicious pastry, there’s little doubt you’ll enjoy it, as the Posh Bagel has a reputation for the some of the freshest ingredients in town.

    Your Coffee Needs and More Are All Met at the Viridian Apartments

    It’s not just great cafes and places to relax for nice hot cup of joe you’ll find around the neighborhood at West Village, there’s a plethora of amazing locations to fill your every need, and you’ll have easy access to them all once you’re a part of this stellar student community. Make this your first choice for your UC Davis years; check out what West Village has to offer and make one of these fabulous residences your own.