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    Best Gadgets For Students

    December 16, 2017

    male student looking at his phone west village davis

    It isn't always easy to figure out what present a college student might want for Christmas. You could go the traditional route and gift bed sheets or socks, but that's like giving someone a tie for Father's Day. If you really want to put a smile on their face and be the "cool" parent at the same time, then tech gadgets are the way to go.

    That raises another series of questions, however. There are so many items on the market to choose from, how do you know which ones your student would love? Whether they commute to community college or stay in the apartments for rent in Davis, Ca, here are the top gadgets to get your student this year.

    Streaming TV

    There's nothing quite like taking a study break to watch a beloved TV show, but there's no need to have them pay the outrageous (by student standards) prices of DirecTV or Dish. Instead, get them a gadget that can stream the apps and channels they love.

    Google Chromecast is a hot item this year. It allows them to watch movies, television and connect to their smartphones for even more fun. It also has a guest feature, making it useful for any roommates as well. The best part? This nifty device only costs $35.

    Bluetooth Earbuds

    Listening to music while studying is an essential part of student life. A nice pair of earbuds can help them block out surrounding distractions while listening to their music at a level that won't effect anyone else. Of course, not any old pair of $10 buds will do. Opt for the Bluetooth ready Apple AirPods.

    Without a string attached, these little devices are perfect for use during a workout and stay out of your way when typing. They're all the rage this year, and you can pick up a pair for $159. Make sure to check out other sites besides Apple for lower prices.

    For the Gamer

    If your student is also an avid gamer, then get them the most student friendly console on the market. The Nintendo Switch can be connected to a TV for traditional console gaming, but can also be taken on the go as a portable device. It's interchangeable controllers serve multiple functions for a wide variety of games, and it also has some of the hottest titles to come out this year. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, for instance, was recently rated Game of the Year.

    The system costs $299, and can be incredibly hard to find since they sell of shelves like lightning. Who doesn't like a good Christmas present hunt, though?

    ality Speakers

    Everyone enjoys a good speaker system, and the Sonos One is this year's top hit. It gives a full sound to fill the room with plenty of bass, continuing the same great audio that Sonos is known for. That's not the best part, though.

    This speaker supports Amazon's Alexa, which allows your student to verbally interact with the device, and multi-room audio capability for use with other devices. While they might not need that now, it will come in handy when they are ready to own their first home. Price tag: $199.

    For the Reader

    A good book is always a welcomed gift, but the ability to read a multitude of books with one devices is ten thousand times better. Kindle might not be a new name, but their Paperwhite model is still one trendy gadget.

    It offers a back light for nighttime reading, boasts incredible battery life, and is comfortable to hold for binge-reading sessions. Plus, they can use the Coursera app to download lectures from their classes. This handy dandy device will run you $119.99. You could also look into the new Kindle Oasis, which features a couple of upgrades from this model.

    Headed Abroad?

    If you have a student headed abroad for their studies, then the ability to contact them without racking up insane data and roaming fees. The Motorola G5S Plus, and unlocked phone that works on all major U.S. carriers without a contract, allows you to do just that.

    At only $240, this phone comes pact with key features like a 1080p display, 5.5 inch touchscreen, and high quality cameras. It's also an all metal design, making it practically damage proof when dropped. All your student needs to do is buy a local SIM card and they'll be able to communicate with you no matter where they are.

    For Rent In Davis, CA

    Finding the right place to live during their education is crucial to their academic success. That's where West Village comes in. These apartments are more than just a place to live, they offer the UC Davis lifestyle. Focusing on the needs of Davis students, events are catered around their schedules, a collection of premium amenities help them live healthy lifestyles, and there are more than enough opportunities for them to relax in their downtime.

    Each room is fully furnished, eliminating the toughest hassles of moving in. Living spaces come complete with full sized washers and dryers, energy efficient appliances, modern kitchens and included electricity. Unlike the average dorm, these homes offer spacious floor plans that give single students and roommates plenty of room. Plus, they have access to the dozens of resort-style amenities right on-site.

    The bike parking and repair center allows them to ride all around the green, zero net energy campus, while the 24-hour fitness center and yoga studio helps to keep them active. The outdoor, lounge, fireplace, and kitchens are the perfect place to make new friends and hangout, along with the clubhouse. A 24-hour cyber center ensures that they can always work on their assignments, while the resort style pool and spa offer the ultimate in relaxation after a long day of exams.

    That isn't all! Route 80, located minutes south of campus, gives them instant access to the city of Sacramento. Meeting all of their shopping, grocery, and dining needs. There's no better place to be a student than West Village at UC Davis.