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    Choosing A Location in Davis

    February 24, 2018

    bird's eye view of davis, ca west village

    As far as housing is concerned, you may wonder whether you should move into apartments in Davis CA or another type of housing accommodation. In fact, you may not even know the best section of the city to call home in this respected college town.

    Believe it or not, most people focus on whether or not they need a roommate, how much rent they’re going to pay, and other meaningful things. But they fail to consider the part of town they intend to live in in some cases, and this is something you definitely do not want to overlook.

    As an example, one section of Davis might make a lot more sense to live in then another. You may not realize that the West Village is the perfect place to move if you’re looking to get quickly back and forth from the UC Davis campus. On the other hand, moving to North Davis will put you very close to the local grocery stores, which we’ll go into in greater detail later on.

    When all is said and done, you need to really pay attention to your options as far as the different sections of Davis are concerned. Factor in price, location, roommates, and other important and meaningful decisions when choosing the ideal neighborhood perfectly suited to meet your needs. To help make this possible, we’ll provide a brief breakdown of each Davis neighborhood and share specific points of interest to help you decide on the ideal living location.

    Downtown Davis

    When you’re looking for a small house or apartment close to cafés and restaurants, but still want to live relatively close to campus, you should consider moving to downtown Davis. A number of different bus lines run through the area on 2nd and 3rd streets, which makes it simple to get to MU or Silo with great speed. Plus, it’s so close you can also get there quickly by taking a short ride on your mountain bike.

    Finding time to study is never an issue when living in downtown Davis. You can hit the books while grabbing a bite to eat at cafés like Temple or Mishka’s all the while knowing you won’t have a major commute ahead of you to get home.

    South Davis

    This neighborhood is interesting because you’re close to downtown but relatively isolated at the same time. Since you’ll need to cross Interstate 80 every day to get to class, it almost feels like you’re in a secluded neighborhood.

    You can catch a bus along Lillard Drive, which makes commuting very easy. Or, use the Davis Bike Loop to get back and forth to school. This location is also excellent because they have a Safeway here, which makes grocery shopping quite convenient.

    North Davis

    The North Davis neighborhood is quite convenient because not only do they have their own Safeway, they also have a Savemart, which provides more choices for residents when it’s time to buy food. Plus, one supermarket might have sales on certain items you use regularly, so you can pop in and stock up on those items. And this can also happen in reverse, so it’s good to have multiple choices to help save the most money and get the best deals.

    Not only that, they also have a Trader Joe’s in the area that’s easily accessible by mountain bike or the G/J line route of the Unitrans Lines. Plus, these bus lines can quickly get you back and forth to school so you’ll never have to worry about being late for your midterms or finals again.

    Central Davis

    This part of town is located right on the north side of the UC Davis campus. It is obviously very convenient for full-time students focusing on their studies. Besides the popular Sycamore Lane apartment complex, you’ll also find many single-family homes and other residential houses in the area.

    Are you looking for a suburban feel with your living accommodations? Then you’ll absolutely love living in Central Davis. Not only is it close to University Mall in downtown Davis, you’ll appreciate living here because you can be close to other families and students which give it a homey vibe.

    East Davis

    For those who love spending their days downtown, but need to live farther away because money is a factor, it’s pretty easy to see that East Davis could very well be there ideal place to live. It’s simple to get downtown by bike or bus, but many residents living in this community seem to prefer biking as their favorite mode of transportation to get back and forth from campus every day.

    As you can see, it’s simple to commute to just about anywhere you need to get to in this college city. It’s important to note that there’s a Target located in this neighborhood, which is perfect because they sell groceries, household goods, entertainment, and nearly everything else your heart desires.

    West Village

    Even though this section of the city is relatively small compared to other parts of Davis, the West Village is a mini city within a city and unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Not only do West Village apartments have great amenities, many residents love it here because they become part of a close, tightknit community and get to live with other like-minded people.

    Students in particular will really appreciate West Village because it keeps them secluded enough to find plenty of time to study. It’s also separated from downtown Davis by the campus, so it’s easy to get to local restaurants, cafés, and other hotspots students have a tendency of enjoying.

    Choosing the Perfect Apartments in Davis CA

    As you can probably tell, there are so many exceptional neighborhoods in the vicinity of UC Davis. No matter whom you are or where you intend to live, just know that everything is conveniently located and it’s easy to get to class by bus or bicycle. Choose your ideal living location based on the information we’ve shared with you today and you’ll never make the wrong choice.