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    Cycling the Davis Bike Loop

    August 15, 2018

    students riding bicycles in the middle of the street holding hands - uc davis apartments

    Living in UC Davis apartments is a dream come true if you’ve ever hoped to live in the most cycling friendly city in the entire US. In fact, the city was specifically designed with cycling in mind and the Davis Bike Loop is proof of how much this community truly cares about cycling, the environment, and keeping its citizens healthy and in good shape.

    You see, many of you working or going to school in Davis spend many hours a day in front of a computer screen. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this on the surface, it can be very unhealthy if you fail to get out into the fresh air and get exercise. That’s why the bike loop is so special when you think about it.

    Instead of driving everywhere and polluting the environment with smog and other unwanted chemicals, you now have the option to bike from one location to another within this community very easily because of the bike loop. The city is set up perfectly for bicyclers like you, so you really should make the most of this wonderful opportunity and get plenty of exercise without interrupting your busy day.

    With that said, we’ll now take a look at the history and other important details that you may need to know about the Davis Bike Loop. So stick around to learn this information today.

    The History of the Davis Bike Loop

    As you are about to learn, Davis California was not always the bike friendly community that it is today. In fact, it was far from it just like every other city in the US. They did not focus on bicycling at all for many, many years. But all of that began to change in the 1980s, which we will tell you about right now.

    Back in the 1980s, two landscape professors named Kerry Dawson and Mark Francis first proposed the bike loop. They made this proposal along with a UC Davis student named Stan Jones.

    At this point, a number of greenbelts had already been built in Davis. There was already one in the Village Homes section and the North Davis Greenbelt also existed at that point. But there was a problem because none of these greenbelts were actually connected and they weren’t part of a bigger network. And even worse, at that time there weren’t even any particular plans in place to make a much bigger and more connected network, so Francis, Dawson, and Jones definitely had their work cut out for them.

    At some point in the late 80s, Steve Greco and Mark Francis came up with a suburban Greenway system plan with the loop that went around the entire periphery of the city. They also added a second loop out into the country by several miles, and the second loop had spokes – a.k.a. bicycle roadways – that went from the inner loop to the outer loop. The proposal was a big success because the city adopted it and made it part of the general plan that they had in place during the late 1980s.

    It took a little while, but in the early 90s Davis began implementing this plan and currently followed the instructions to create the Greenway system. Thankfully the people in charge adopted this incredible system as the area was being developed, because it would be nearly impossible to create it now, now that Davis has been fully developed. So the foresight of this Greenway system is definitely impressive and thankfully it came into play early enough to be built without any difficulty.

    Important Information about the Davis Bike Loop

    The interesting thing about this bike loop is that it is made up of approximately 12 miles of bicycle route in the form of two loops that are connected together by spokes. This is known as the Greenbelt, and the bicycle infrastructure in town is truly impressive.

    In fact, Davis has created bike bridges, bike tunnels, and other pieces of infrastructure that make it easy to travel in and out of the city on two wheels. This is particularly interesting and exciting because it allows people to forgo driving cars, so traffic congestion is at a minimum. It also helps people get outdoors more often, enjoy the fresh air, and get plenty of great exercise all at the same time.

    Even if you don’t happen to like bicycling, you could always walk or jog along the bicycle path. It runs through most of the trails and paths in the area, and it’s quite pleasing because it’s quiet, peaceful, and it’s nice to get out in nature.

    They specifically chose these bike routes because they are pleasant and safe, but they aren’t the fastest routes in the world. If you like riding your bicycle casually at a slower pace, you’ll definitely like using these trails. You’ll have to yield to pedestrians, older riders, younger riders, and anyone in between using the trails and bike paths. This shouldn’t be a major problem for anyone because the routes are safe, easy to follow, very nice and comfortable, and quite enjoyable on a sunny day.

    The other beautiful thing about these paths is that they force you to slow down and take in the sights and sounds of the city of Davis. It’s too bad that so many people live life at a rapid pace. Hopefully more people will get outside more often and ride their bicycles along the Davis Bike Loop to have plenty of fun in the sun while they exercise.

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