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    Designing For The Holidays

    October 30, 2017

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    The holiday season is fast upon us. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are right around the bend, and if you're the festive sort, you'll want to decorate your little slice of the North Davis apartments to match these holidays and express a bit of cheer. There are a great many ways to tackle season decorating, and if you've not done much in the way of sprucing up your place before, you might be at something of a loss. Whether you're a first timer or just looking for new ideas, though, keep reading for some new tips on decking out your apartment for the holidays.


    The main goal with Halloween decorating is usually to make the atmosphere suitably spooky. That doesn't mean you can't weave in some general fall themes into your redesigned Halloween apartment look, though. With that in mind, it's difficult to go wrong with a few pumpkins.

    While you might not be able to have a full-sized, bright-blazing jack-o-lantern in your apartment, you can add some smaller squash as a lovely bit of ornamentation. They don't all have to be run-of-the-mill orange pumpkins either. You can spruce up the look with some white pumpkins, blue pumpkins, carnival pumpkins, or one of the many other varieties as well.

    Candy dishes and decorative lighting should fit into the mix as well. This is the time of year where prodigious amounts of sweets are handed out en masse, so echoing that with some decorations is a great idea. Stock them with the candy of your choice, and help set the scene with some moody candles or similar illuminating touches (electric candles work just as well if you can't get your hands on the real deal).

    As for the spooky stuff, you'll want to let your imagination run wild here. The tried-and-true is always in fashion: fake bats, cutouts of monsters, some faux spider webs, etc. Apartment Therapy has a nice collection of DIY decorations that you could try your hand at, some of which you could incorporate those pumpkins you got earlier into. You can even amp up the terror with creepy soundtracks with scary scores from popular horror films, or sound effects that ratchet up the fright when guests come to visit you.

    If you'd like to take a more subtle approach, though, remember that Halloween doesn't have to be strictly about the scary aspects. You could go for weird, or funny, or mischievous. Decoist has a whole list of bedrooms that give off that "just creepy enough" Halloween-like vibe, and you can apply some of those design choices throughout your apartment for the desired look.


    For Thanksgiving, the general Fall tone of your decorations can shoulder even more of the overall apartment look. Gourds, grasses, and other emblematic symbols of Autumn can take on a prominent display. The gourds you can display similarly to the pumpkins that you used from your Halloween decorating. For an added touch, you can try painting the gourds for a more festive appearance. With your grasses, you'll want to concentrate on so-called "harvest grasses" and wheat, selecting for vibrant colors that evoke the season. Place them in containers as you would flowers, and display them proudly in your apartment.

    Wreaths and bunting are also appropriate for Thanksgiving decorating. You can purchase Fall-themed wreaths at many stores, or try making one yourself from the raw materials you'd need. The DIY Network has an interesting series of how-to tutorials on various fall wreath designs, ranging from mini-pumpkins to corn-cob wreaths and more. As for the bunting, these are the pieces of fabric you might see arranged into banners and sometimes adorned with holiday-themed text. Like your wreaths, you can get these made up and ready to purchase, or you can take the adventurous route and make an attempt to craft your own.

    If you want to give some of your furniture a few Fall/Thanksgiving touches, you can go for some seasonally appropriate blankets and pillows to add to your favored couches and chairs. There are a great many designs out there fitting the bill, showcasing everything that makes Autumn so pleasant: corn, apples, and the much vaunted Thanksgiving turkey. Speaking of which, adding a faux turkey to your apartment is another nice touch that will bring out the season. Be it a small ceramic turkey sculpture or one of those larger inflatable turkeys, you should be able to find something that fits your living space well.


    There's actually some degree of overlap between Christmas decorations and Thanksgiving decorations. You'll do well to make similar use of wreaths, ribbons, and baskets filled with ornamentation and produce. Where Christmas diverges, though, are in those decorations that are specific to the gift-giving season. This includes things like stockings. There's little doubt you don't remember how these work, so find the variety you like and hang them in a prominent space in your dwelling. Christmas lights are another standby, and a way to express your colorful side. You can find lights in many sizes and varieties, and hang them accordingly to fit the look of your apartment.

    Since apartments generally have a more limited amount of space, your Christmas tree options will be more limited than those of a large house, but you can still fit one in. Make sure to measure your space to see what you can accommodate, then set about procuring and setting up your tree. You may have to resort to a faux tree to cut down on messes, but with the right ornamentation and lighting, it can look just as spectacular as a natural tree.

    There are also plenty of smaller, incidental decorations you can set up around your apartment that will tie your Christmas look together. Mashable has a nice rundown of some of the options, and many of them are ones that you can craft for yourself.

    The North Davis Apartments Are Great For Holiday Interior Designers

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