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    Money Magazine Ranks UC Davis

    September 30, 2018

    students lying on the grass reading books US Davis west village

    Whether you’re the proud parent of a high school grad or someone looking to continue their education, choosing the right college is essential. Despite the various factors that go into a list of potential colleges, most freshmen find themselves attending a school less than 100 miles from their home. Here in Sacramento, several first time students find themselves in a Davis apartment at the University of California.

    Lucky for them, UC Davis was recently ranked one of the top schools in the nation by Money Magazine. Out of 727 top-performing colleges, Davis earned the 11th spot on the list for the magazine’s 2018 ranking. Here’s what that means for current and future students.

    How Davis Made the Cut

    Money Magazine focuses on a variety of factors for their “Best Colleges For Your Money” list. Their goal is to weigh the costs and payoffs of higher education, helping both students and parents make the best choice possible. Next to purchasing a home, college is the second largest financial choice a person or family can make. So, it helps to know what you’re getting into before packing your bags and buying your books.

    To be considered for the list, a college needed to have at least 500 students and enough data for Money Magazine to analyze. Schools were not allowed to be in financial distress, have a graduation rate lower than the median for its category (private, public, etc.), or a low graduation rate. In addition, schools that helped students achieve a more secure financial future gained a boost in their ranking.

    Altogether, three categories determine the list’s ranking: Quality of Education, Affordability, and Outcomes. These break down into 26 determining factors, which look something like this:

    Quality – Instructors, Pell Grant recipients, Graduation rates, standardized test scores, and a lack of funding challenges.
    Affordability – The cost of tuition, average student debt, loan repayment plans, and low-income considerations.

    Outcomes – Graduate’s earnings, employment rates, quality of work found after graduation, and the percentage of graduates who moved up on the socio-economic mobility index.

    Combining all of this data, Money Magazine ranked over 700 schools in the United States. The University of California Davis soared past 716 other competitors to earn the 11th place spot.

    UC Davis Rankings

    Taking a closer look at the university’s standing, prospective students can gain a better understanding of why they might want to register with the school. Each of the above factors are on display through Money Magazine’s website, but here are some of the highlights.

    The cost of tuition without any form of financial aid is $36,600 for the 2018-19 year. However, over 68% of students receive some form of grant to help them pay for the cost. For students that receive aid, the cost of tuition drops to an average of $17,200. Low-income students usually pay around ten grand with the help of aid and various programs.

    Anyone is required to have taken either the SAT or ACT to be considered for enrollment. The median score for these tests at UC Davis is 1190/28. Out of all who apply, 42% are accepted into the university.

    Graduating from UC Davis takes about four and half years for most students, with the graduation rate resting at 85%. Most students leave with a debt of around $14,700 but make almost $57 thousand a year shortly after graduation. Over half of low-income students move to the upper middle-class bracket within three years of graduating UC Davis.

    How Does Davis Compare

    So, how do the Aggies at UC Davis compare to other top-ranking schools? Well, Princeton made number one on the list this year. Here are Princeton’s highlights:

    • Cost: $67,700
    • SAT/ACT Scores: 1500/34
    • Graduation Rate: 97%
    • Post Grade Income: $69,800
    • Graduation Rate: 97%
    • Acceptance rate: 7%
    • Average Debt: $7,500

    While Princeton definitely earns its spot at the top, students across the country have a much easier time getting into UC Davis. Not only that, but the University of California remains the best public school in the nation holding 19 out of the top 50 spots. No other state in America held more than five of those spots.

    Davis Apartment

    One aspect that Money Magazine didn’t take into consideration is student living. At UC Davis, West Village offers students a one-of-a-kind residential experience. Every aspect of this community of apartment-style dorms is designed to cater to the needs of the Aggies who live there. From catered events to a host of amenities, campus life has evolved.

    Students at UC Davis reside in fully furnished, spacious apartments featuring energy efficient appliances that coincide with the university’s commitment to green living. Full-sized washers and dryers eliminate the tedium of community laundry, while modern kitchens help you bring out your inner chef. Best of all, electricity is included in your rent.

    The surrounding community of West Village features numerous amenities that deliver the comforts of home while catering to student lifestyles. Prepare for a test in the 5,000-squre-foot study lounge, stay in shape with the 24-hour fitness center, or walk your furry friends in the dog park. After a long day of studying, students can relax in one of two resort-style pools, kick their feet up in the outdoor lounge, or play games in the clubhouse.

    With its close proximity to campus, residents at West Village often choose to ride their bikes to class. Not only is their bicycle parking in the community, but there’s also a nearby trail to enjoy and a repair shop when things go awry.

    Of course, you can’t spend every day at West Village. Luckily, Sacramento is just minutes away. Whether you’re looking to take a walk through nature in the surrounding hills or enjoy any of the city’s world class entertainment, you’re just a short drive away. Fine dining, a vibrant nightlife, and organic groceries are all a part of the California lifestyle here at UC Davis.

    We invite you to experience a new definition of student living. Forget everything you know about dorms and apartment living, West Village is a blank canvass where you decide your future.