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    Potential Roommates Questions

    August 25, 2017

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    For college students especially, having the right roommates can be vital to living comfortably and fostering a measure of long-term success. In communities like the West Village, housing concerns like this are easy to deal with on account of amazing residence features like the free Roommate Matching service. There are, however, some general tips you'll want to keep in mind no matter how you're going about finding your potential living partners. Chief among these is asking good questions that will help you screen which hopeful roommates you'll be compatible with, and which aren't quite going to make the cut.

    A Few Questions Is All It Takes

    Thankfully, the topic of screening less-than-stellar roommates is one that has been covered at length, and there are more than enough sources to draw information from when considering what you should do to prepare for moving in with someone new. Let's cover some of the most important things you should be ready to go over.

    Ask About Their Daily Schedule

    This is one of the first things you'll need to lay out. If they get up early in the morning and you're still trying to get your 8 hours in, you're liable to run into some issues, no? You should work out when your potential roommates will be in and out so that you can create a living arrangement where you're not at each other's throats.

    Ask About Their Past Roommates

    The past, they say, is prologue. If a potential roommate has a long list of disaster stories and previous living partners they don't get along with, there's a good chance that they may have a share of the blame in that. If they don't want to discuss their past roommates at all, that might be a sign that things went disastrously, in no small part because of their actions.

    Alternatively, if they're upfront, have a slew of old roommates who they're on friendly terms with, and, even better, can supply you with tons of references that speak of them in glowing language, chances are you've got good roommate material on your hand.

    Ask About Potential Visitors

    Do they have a lot of friends that they'll be hosting? What about a significant other that they spend an inordinate amount of time with? Either scenario can present you with a situation that you might find a bit confining, especially if their S.O. is spending every night over at your place and functioning like an extra roommate that you never planned for.

    Ask If They Cook

    It might seem innocuous at first, but the truth of the matter is that the kitchen is serious business. If you don't lay down some ground rules beforehand, you run the risk of getting into some heated confrontation over who's got claim to the cooking space at a particular time, who's responsible for certain kitchen chores, etc. Find out well in advance what their cooking habits are like and plan accordingly.

    Ask About Their Level Of Cleanliness & Responsibility

    Basically, you want to figure if this person is going to turn your living space into a huge mess. Now, the occasional mess is not necessarily a deal breaker. Sometimes things get turbulent. The key factors are whether they are capable of recognizing when things are getting out of hand and pitching in when it's time to get your apartment back to looking clean.

    Instead of simply asking them if they like to clean or not, ask them how often they clean currently, then get specific about certain chores. Are there chores that they like to handle? Chores that they can't stand? The answers you receive will help you determine if you're dealing with a slob or not.

    Work out a cleaning schedule with any potential roommate before moving in with them, and make sure every member of the household's cleaning responsibilities are clearly defined and agreed upon.

    Ask Them If They Drink Or Smoke

    Some people are OK with drinking and smoking on occasion. Others are cool with it happening every day. Others can't stand it at all. It's important to know what you're comfortable with and what your roommate's habits are like so that this doesn't become a future source of conflict.

    Ask Them About Their Financial Situation

    In addition to being able to pay the rent on time, there may come a time where your happy household runs into something called an emergency. You'll need everyone to pitch in some extra money to cover whatever pops up, and if your potential roommate doesn't have any savings to cover their share of the responsibility, they suddenly become a burden rather than part of the solution.

    Ask Them About Their Ideal Roommate Relationship

    Do they want to be best buddies? Do they want to be occasional friends? Or, do they just want to live and let live? Different roommates have different styles of coexisting, and not all of them involve palling around on a daily basis. Know what you want out of a roommate, find out if it meshes with what they have in mind, and you'll be able to get along much better when (and if) you finally move in together.

    Ask Them If There's Anything Else They'd Like You To Know

    It might not be possible for you to screen every potential bad (or good) habit your roommate might have during the course of your initial questioning. Save this question for the end as a way to extract any other pertinent details from them. More often than not, they'll reveal something worthwhile here, and you can factor their answers into your final decision.

    West Village Housing Makes Finding A Roommate Simple

    Since we know that personalities are crucial in how roommates will get along, we take people's habits into consideration when pairing individuals through our roommate matching service. On top of that, the residences are designed to make comfortable living a breeze. Add in the fabulous community amenities and a location that puts you within reach of everything you'll need, and you've got a winning formula for successful student living. Check out what we've got to offer and consider making West Village your choice today.