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    Preparing Spring Essentials

    February 28, 2019

    woman doing some spring cleaning

    While winter is chilling you all in place around the West Village apartments, take solace in the fact that spring is right around the corner. Just as winter made you think of the year’s end, spring symbolizes a gentle rebirth and renewal, the time for life to spring forth once again. It also means there are a few items you’ll have to check off of your to-do list in order to properly prepare. We’re not just talking about Spring Cleaning (although that is an element), there are also a few fun things to add to your list that will make it all worthwhile. Ready to get ready? Keep reading, and learn what you’ll need to get out the way before the first blooms of the year begin.

    Get a Head Start on Spring Cleaning

    “Now wait a minute,” you might proclaim. “I thought Spring Cleaning happened during the Spring?” While technically true, wouldn’t you rather have all the cleaning out of the way before the weather gets nice so you can enjoy more time in the sun? Of course you would. So instead of relegating that immense cleaning task to the Spring months, get a head-start during winter and have more fun outdoors.

    Your cleaning tasks will vary, obviously, depending on what type of home you live in. If you’ve got a big backyard, porch, and patio, those will be part and parcel of your tasks, but for all you apartment dwellers, the task should be much more manageable since you don’t have to worry about such outdoor areas. One thing everyone can do to help themselves, though, is organizing indoors and purging all the things that are laying around that they no longer need.

    After you run down this immense Spring Cleaning Checklist, get ready to chuck out a whole bunch of clutter. We all know that Marie Kondo is the hot ticket right now, and for good reason. Even without her (admittedly amazing) Netflix show, her ideas on organizing and decluttering are transformative, and you’d do well to follow some of her advice when you’re getting your home in order for the Spring.

    Oh, and those things that you do decide to get rid of? Don’t just toss them all in the trash. Any time of year is the right time to give to those in need, so consider donating your excess to Goodwill so that others can benefit from what you’re tossing away.

    Enjoy Some End-Of-Winter Activities

    The winter won’t be here forever, so if there are any winter-specific activities you still want to engage in, now’s the time to do it. Skiing, snowboarding, even something as simple as sledding down the hill — you need the cold to make it happen, so while it’s still around, be sure to cherish it. As an addition to that list, those cold, snowed-in days will make for the perfect opportunities to brew a warm drink, sit down on the couch, and catch up on the movies and shows your friends have been pestering you to watch. Make a list, check it twice, then start streaming once you’re stuck in the house.

    Start Your Spring and Summer Plans

    There are plenty of things you’ll have to wait until Spring to actually do. That doesn’t mean you can’t start planning now, however, and doing so will actually give you a head start once it’s time to “pull the trigger,” figuratively speaking. If this is the year you’re going to start that lovely garden, for instance, start drawing up plans and making a list of all the flora you want to include. Research gardening techniques, and if you’re feeling adventurous, get an early start by planting some flowers indoors and watching them grow. It’ll be good practice for those that want outdoor gardens, and those plants will make for fine additions to your indoor garden if you happen to live in an apartment.

    If you want to take a trip during the Spring or Summer, the same logic applies here. Now is the perfect time to start planning where you want to go, what you want to do there, and, most importantly of all, start saving money so you can do it without going broke. If you need some advice in that regard, be sure to check out Expert Vagabond’s guide on how to save money for travel (without necessarily being rich), and implement those tips to help you stack your travel fund for a Spring adventure.

    And even if gardening and travel aren’t in your future, you’re sure to have some sort of plans you want to enact come the Spring. Use this time to refine them, and when the warmer months are here, you’ll have a foolproof way to do whatever it is that you want to do.

    Catch Some Deals on Spring Clothing

    Did you know that the Winter is a great time to get some new clothes for the Spring? Right now, deals on great Spring outfits abound, both at physical retailers and online stores, so you’ll definitely want to take advantage of those if you need some new clothes. This will be doubly beneficial, since in the process of getting those new clothes, you’re liable to discover which old ones are past their prime and need to be discarded. Again, make a list of what you need, then head out and get what you desire at some wonderful bargain prices.

    Enjoy Your Spring at the West Village Apartments

    Once you’ve completed all your pre-Spring “chores” and the season is in full effect, you deserve to take it easy in a welcoming community of like-minded souls. Fun and lively West Village provides, with a beautiful community just moments away from UC Davis and the best that the area has to offer. Getting around is simple, as is enjoying the company of your fellow Aggies. For a student lifestyle like no other, see what West Village has to offer and put moving in near the top of your Spring “to do” list.