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    Reasons To Live Off Campus

    July 27, 2019

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    Ready to start another year at one of California's foremost institutions of higher learning? In addition to the challenging coursework, you'll also have to decide whether you'll be sticking around on campus or broadening your search zone for suitable UC housing. There are pros and cons to both, for sure, but we're firm believers in giving the latter a try, as the off-campus lifestyle comes with a number of extra perks that make the experience that much more enriching. Not to mention, the flexibility living off campus provides for those times when life throws you curves:

    "If a student must withdraw from school part-way through the semester, they could face significant penalties for breaking the housing contract with the school – or at least, lose a lot more money. Even if the student plans to come back the next semester, they will need to move out of campus housing immediately."

    Not the case when you're on campus, and the benefits continue, even beyond simple financial prudence. Today, we're going to be taking a look at those ironclad reasons that make living off campus the way to go if you have the chance to do so.

    Privacy & Freedom

    You don't have to have a roommate when living off campus, but even if you do, chances are you can be much more selective about who you're rooming with, leading to a greater degree of comfort within your space. Roommate or no, though, you'll have more privacy than you'd get at the dorms, and that personal space will go a long way to benefiting your overall mental health.

    While we're on the topic of space, might we point out that you'll have plenty to enjoy in your own apartment? Even if you're just going with a simple single bedroom option, it's a gigantic palace compared to the meager living space you're afforded at most dorms, and you'll have the room you need to spread out, let your true personality shine, and enjoy your college experience without feeling claustrophobic.

    And did we mentioned all the freedom you'll have living off campus? With no RAs or rando-roomies barging into your space, you're the master of your domain. Stay up late streaming your favorite show, have some friends over for a few hands of cards, and do it all without a shred of guilt. Off campus living is a liberating feeling, and one that will make you happier and healthier in the long run.

    Maintain That Perfect Diet

    The cooking at dorm kitchens can be less than ideal, to say the least. They've little time to cater to the wide array of dietary needs the student population has, and even when they can make the effort, they still can't address what you're looking for specifically. Contrast an at-home menu selected, prepared, and enjoyed by you. You know what you like, you know what your body needs, and with a space of your own, you have all the opportunity you need to track down what you want, cook for yourself, and simply eat better.

    For some, this might be just a small victory, but if you're the kind who's dead-set on eating healthier, or if you're crafting your diet with specific fitness/taste goals in mind, this is exactly what you need. Having control over your food options is an empowering thing, and definitely an asset you'll want to consider when weighing your college housing options.

    Set Up Your Real-World Support Network

    Don't get us wrong here — college is a great experience. It's not quite the real world, though, and living off campus will give you a taste of that authentic adult life in more ways than one. For starters, you've got added responsibilities to juggle, in the form of paying bills, budgeting for expenses like groceries, cooking for yourself, and solving the other inevitable challenges that solo life will send your way. This is a valuable learning experience, one that dorm life can't quite replicate, but it's not the only "real word" benefit afforded by living off campus.

    In addition to the added responsibility, you'll also have the chance to build an expanded network of friends and contacts outside of campus. Stuck in the dorms is no way to explore and connect with the community that exists beyond those hallowed halls of learning. Living off campus will allow you to form the tightest of bonds with not just your close friends, but non-student residents who have plenty to show you about how things work in the real world.

    You've Got a Place to Hang Your Hat Year-Round

    An unfortunate reality is the fact that most dorms close up shop over winter and summer breaks, leaving you with few options if you can't book it back home to stay with your folks. Not the case when you're off campus. You've got the run of the place all-year-round, so there's no stressing when those breaks start creeping up on the calendar. In fact, living off campus, you can decide you don't feel like going anywhere during those breaks, and use that extra time to catch up on your passions.

    You'll also that having an off campus pad greatly facilitates getting a nice little off campus job, which will come in handy for keeping your cash flow healthy and your college experience optimized. As you can see, the reasons you should live off campus are numerous and emphatic, so when you're comparing those pros and cons, be sure to keep all these benefits squarely in mind.

    This UC Housing Option Seems to Have It All

    Even one of the most common drawbacks of off campus living, the added commute, is negated when you call West Village home. Located just blocks from the UC Davis campus, you'll find getting to class is just as easy as getting out to explore the city, and you can revel in all the added off campus benefits that come with sitting pretty in a hip apartment community. This is the West Village lifestyle — a new take on being right in the mix of things. Drop us a line, see what these apartments can offer you, then learn how you can make this your new college home.