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    Time Management Apps

    January 15, 2018

    students studying in the library

    School is back in session, and with the start of the semester comes the responsibility of balancing your responsibilities—friends and family, studying for tests, writing that report, club rush, pledging for a sorority or fraternity, you name it.

    That said, it can be hard to keep track of all of your tasks, let alone manage when you are going to do them. This is where the power of technology can help you out. Using one, some, or all of these apps can help you stay ahead of the game—excelling at school and getting good grades, not to mention organizing and prioritizing school functions and social activities.

    Read on to learn about some of the best time management apps to help you ace this semester (plus why you should consider the West Village Apartments).

    1. Be Focused

    Be Focused App is a free app available to those with access to a Mac computer. As its names suggests, the Be Focused App is all about getting tasks done in 5, 10, 15…all the way up to 25 minute increments.

    In general, it uses the Pomodoro technique. As mentioned, working intervals are broken into 5 to 25 minute increments, with a 1 to 5-minute break in between sessions. Basically, there is a timer in the top right corner of your screen. As soon as the timer is up, an alarm sounds, in which case you press the play button to start your break interval.

    The Be Focused app offers a number of different settings, from alarm sound to time intervals and completion notifications.

    Why This Will Help Students

    Be Focused will help students who may not want to manually do the Pomodoro Technique but still reap the benefits. Instead of tracking your time on your phone, you can easily click on the Be Focused app and press start.

    Overall, the app is great for breaking down big tasks into manageable, “bite-sized” chunks of time. In doing this, students won’t feel nearly as intimidated in starting (and finishing) the overwhelming task, and can get homework done faster and on time.

    2. Trello

    Trello is a web app that allows students to create and keep track of multiple to-do lists without becoming stressed and overwhelmed. Students are able to set deadlines and stay on top of homework, errands, and other to-dos.

    Simply, create boards of different lists. For instance, a board for what assignments you have to do today, what is due this week, and so forth.

    Why This Will Help Students

    What is great about Trello is that you can see all of your boards; they are laid out side by side, making it easy to know what you have to get done. With a check box and due date options, you can check off tasks you have completed, and know what you need to prioritize.

    3. FocusWriter

    Are you tired of staring at a blank screen, somehow always finding an excuse to surf the Internet or check the latest News on Facebook? If this is you and you are rushing to finish that first draft of that essay, FocusWriter may be for you.

    FocusWriter makes it easy for students to write without any distractions—no social media or internet access. It does not even have page breaks or some formatting tools so that you are at your most focused.

    In addition, the app blocks social notification and emails; because of this, you can put all of your focus on the task at hand and not on who is emailing or messaging you. (Of course, once you exit out of FocusWriter, you can access the incoming email or latest message or post.)

    FocusWriter also has a custom background and a Pomodoro-esque timer to help you keep track of time. If you need some extra focusing help, FocusWriter has a grey out feature, which greys out everything with the exception of what you are writing.

    Why This Will Help Students

    FocusWriter is perfect for tackling that first draft and brainstorming ideas—anything you need to get down immediately “on paper.” While this app is great for that first draft, you may want to switch over to Word for that second draft; Focus Writer does not have the best editing features and, while referred to as safe and reliable, does not have the automotive recovery option as Word does. While activating the auto save feature is a good backup, we recommend that you keep FocusWriter as your first writing go-to.

    4. Remember the Milk

    Remember the Milk is just that, a to-do app that makes it so that you “never forget the milk.” It sends you reminders via text, instant messaging, Twitter, email, and mobile notifications on what you need to do. You also can share your lists and assign tasks with others—this makes it great for tackling group projects or study groups.

    Remember the Milk can sync up to all of your devices so you don’t have to worry if, let’s say, you forget your laptop but have your phone. The app also allows students to organize according to their priorities, due dates, lists, repeats, tags, and much more.

    You can save your favorite searches and integrate your lists with Google Calendar, Gmail, Evernote, Twitter, and more.

    While this is the free version, students who want some more organizational help may benefit from The Milk Pro (the purchasable version). It has subtasks, unlimited sharing, advanced sorting, reminders, color tags, widgets and badges, and unlimited storage, not to mention you can access it via Apple Watch.

    Why This Will Help Students

    Students can benefit from this to-do app because you always have access to your to-do no matter what device you bring. Plus, the ease in which you can share and assign tasks makes it a great go-to for projects and study groups (as mentioned).

    5. Wunderlist

    Similar to Remember the Milk, Wunderlist is a great time management app that makes it easy for students to prioritize and complete tasks. It syncs up to other devices and you can invite and share your lists with other Wunderlist-ers.

    Once you click on the app, to the left you will see a column with categories such as Inbox, Today, Week, and other options. From clicking one of these categories, you will see lists that correspond to the category.

    Why This Will Help Students

    Students can easily add, complete, and delete tasks. This will help them stay on top of extracurriculars, homework, projects, and studying. Final Thoughts: Time Management Doesn’t Have to Be Hard You don’t have to spend hours planning out your day or week. Why not let an app do that for you? Whether you use one, some, or all of these apps, we can assure you that you will have an easier time tackling to-dos and acing your semester. What other time management apps do you recommend? Leave a comment.

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