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    Whole Earth Festival

    April 30, 2018

    students planting a tree west village davis, ca

    Those of us living in West Village apartments and areas in Davis, California are lucky enough to have an opportunity to experience the Whole Earth Festival on the UC Davis quad in May. It’s going to be an experience that many of us never soon forget, and quite frankly it’s going to make up an entire weekend, so there are plenty of windows of opportunity to attend this family-friendly experience that you’re bound to love.

    Because let’s face it, if you care about the environment and you want the world to be a safer, healthier, and happier and more friendly place for all to live in, then you have to get up and start taking action now. One way to take action and help protect and preserve mother Earth is to attend the Whole Earth Festival, which lasts an entire weekend starting on Friday and ending on Sunday in May. We’ll provide specific details and hours for the entire event below.

    With that said, let’s learn more about the weekend events and what you can expect on the UC Davis quad for these three days. We’ll also tell you why this is such an important event for all to attend on Mother’s Day weekend this year. So let’s get to the good stuff without any further delay.

    About Whole Earth Day in Davis, CA

    Believe it or not, the UC Davis students started celebrating an event on the quad in 1969 called Whole Earth Day, and they are still celebrating this important festival promoting environmental sustainability, wellness, and activism nearly 50 years later. Obviously, the event has evolved and even though we no longer call it Whole Earth Day, the name was changed to Whole Earth Festival now because it’s lasts a whole weekend and we now have Earth Day which was recognized as a national holiday in 1970 by the United Nations.

    The exciting thing about this festival is it’s free, it’s run by the students, and it’s really exciting for environmental health and sustainability. In fact, this event attracts more than 30,000 people each year, which is often hard to do since it is Mother’s Day weekend and people have other things that they need to do.

    But in this area of California, people really do care about the environment and want to take the necessary steps available to preserve and protect the earth. So it makes sense that this event is so popular and it should come as no surprise that it attracts so many wholesome, Earth loving people.

    Is It Possible to Volunteer at the Whole Earth Festival?

    If you’re really looking to get involved and become a bigger part of this community, you definitely have the opportunity to make a splash at the Whole Earth Festival. As a matter of fact, this festival would not be able to exist without willing, able, and exciting volunteers such as you. They really rely on your help and willingness to do what it takes in order to protect the environment. They want people who not only love volunteering, but also want to host a safe and sustainable event for all to enjoy.

    You can work a shift – or even more than one if you prefer – and even though you are volunteering your time for free, you will get a little something extra from this experience. There are the obvious feelings of goodwill and appreciation that you’ll get from volunteering your time for such an important issue. Plus you’ll gain experience as a volunteer as well which you can use to help benefit other areas of your life.

    But if that’s not enough for whatever reason, you are going to get a couple of other perks that only volunteers get to enjoy. For starters, they are going to give you a free meal for every shift that you work. This food is excellent, great tasting, completely healthy and sustainable, and it’s designed to help preserve our health while benefiting the world on the whole. You’ll also get a cool T-shirt commemorating the event, which you can wear at any time to show the rest of the world that you took time out of your busy schedule to perform a great act of kindness by volunteering during the Whole Earth Festival.

    When Is the Whole Earth Festival in 2018?

    This festival will begin on May 11 an end on May 13 in 2018. It is being hosted on the UC Davis quad and there will be plenty of exciting things for everyone to see, do, and become a part of.

    On Friday, May 11, the festivities begin at 12 PM and end at 10 PM the same night. On Saturday, May 12, the festivities begin at 10 AM and end at 10 PM. And on Sunday, the event begins at 10 AM and ends at 6 PM.

    They really want these festivities to be a zero waste event. This is really important so they expect you to appropriately dispose of your waste in the correct bins. Volunteers will go around actively sorting compost and recyclables for the bins, so just help out, do your part, and let’s keep the UC Davis quad clean by leaving no waste behind.

    This is also going to be a drug-free event. So there are no stimulants, inhalants, narcotics, tobacco, hallucinogens, alcohol, cannabis, or depressants allowed at this event. Just keep this in mind if you’re planning to attend the Whole Earth Festival.

    Finally, there will be lots of food, arts and crafts, and wonderful vendors selling and showcasing their great work. So support the vendors during this exhilarating weekend and take home beautiful jewelry, art, and anything else from fine artisans in the community.

    Get Enthusiastic about the Whole Earth Festival near West Village Apartments

    West Village apartments are perfect for UC Davis students looking to live off campus. According to their website, “West Village offers more than a place to live, it is a UC Davis student lifestyle. West Village focuses on the needs of a UC Davis student. Events are catered to the UC Davis schedule and the requests of students. West Village offers student amenities that help support their need to learn and live a healthy lifestyle.”