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    Your Holiday Bucket List Ideas

    November 30, 2018

    times square nyc

    The holidays are always an exciting time of year when living in rentals in Davis CA. Beautiful decorations begin to fill the streets and shopping centers and it’s really a festive time for all of us. But many of us also find this time of year stressful because we have to prepare holiday meals, buy plenty of presents, and it costs lots of money which can create a great deal of stress in anyone’s life.

    Instead of spending the holiday season filled with anxiety, it’s time to consider your holiday bucket list. It’s time to grab life by the horns and do something exciting this holiday season so you can finally scratch it off of your bucket list.

    Or, you may want to do something different this year but haven’t come up with any exhilarating ideas. If this is you, you’re in luck because we’re going to share 5 ideas that you can immediately add to your holiday bucket list this season. Keep reading to discover our exciting and fun recommendations.

    1. Consider Traveling for the Holidays

    Some of us prefer staying at home and partying with our family during the holiday season. It’s certainly a nice thing to do and your loved ones undoubtedly appreciate that you’re sticking with them over the holidays.

    On the other hand, some of us have had ideas for dream vacations that we’ve always wanted to take but never took the time to splurge and indulge ourselves. This holiday season is the perfect time to travel to the interesting or exotic location you’ve always wanted to go to. It’s the perfect time to treat yourself to a fun filled holiday trip with your significant other, your children, and anyone else willing to go along for the trip of a lifetime.

    Have you ever wanted to walk through Times Square in New York City during the holiday season? Or maybe you’d like to visit Vorosmarty Square in Budapest to check out the Christmas Market. Or perhaps you’d like to visit Austria to see the Vienna Philharmonic perform one of their world-famous concerts live on New Year’s Eve.

    No matter what, just do yourself a huge favor this year and travel for the holidays. You’ll have the time of your life with people that you love and it will be an amazing experience that you never forget.

    2. Get Together with Loved Ones for a Christmas Movie Marathon

    The holidays are always a special time because of the thrilling Christmas and holiday movies plastered all over TV screens everywhere. During this time of the year, it’s hard to flip through the channels without finding an exciting holiday themed movie to grace your screen.

    Instead of wishing, hoping, and praying that your favorite holiday movie comes on and you have time to watch it, you can schedule this time to get together with friends and loved ones for a Christmas movie marathon.

    Whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah or any other holiday tradition, just know that holiday themed movies are always fun for the whole family. Some exciting possibilities to watch this holiday season include A Christmas Story, Planes Trains and Automobiles, A Charlie Brown Christmas, The Polar Express, It’s a Wonderful Life, Home Alone or any of the sequels, Miracle on 34th St., National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Elf, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Die Hard, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas to name a few entertaining possibilities.

    3. Check out a Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony This Year

    Every year, many of the biggest and most populated cities throughout the United States and the rest of the world have wonderful holiday tree lighting ceremonies. The ceremonies typically signify the beginning of the holiday season and prepare everyone for the fun filled festivities that are beginning to take place over the holidays.

    Depending on where you live, you may need to travel to see an amazing holiday tree lighting ceremony in person if you live in a smaller town. But that’s okay because you can make this an epic journey with your friends and family that none of you will ever soon forget.

    The beautiful thing about the holidays is everyone comes together in peace, love, and harmony. So traveling to view a tree lighting ceremony in person will certainly make your holiday season that much more special.

    Some potential places to visit in the US for your tree lighting ceremony include Rockefeller Center in New York City, Zilker Park in Austin Texas, the Delray Beach Christmas Tree lighting ceremony in Florida, the US Capitol Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony in Washington DC, and the National Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony also in Washington DC.

    4. Go Ice-Skating

    This may seem fairly simplistic on the surface, but many of us fail to go ice-skating as we get older. But when you remember all the fun filled times you had as a youth, ice-skating sounds like a very good idea. So tell your friends and family about this wonderful idea and get together with your loved ones to skate on the ice this holiday season. It will help remind you of a simpler time in your life and bring back fond memories of many wonderful holidays in the past.

    5. Volunteer This Holiday Season

    Lastly, you may be feeling extra generous and charitable during the holidays. Take all of this energy and put it to good use by volunteering with local organizations in your community. Not only will you feel great about contributing, you’ll also make someone else’s holiday season a brighter and more special time.

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